Oct 27, 2017

Charisma and Charismatic

What is Charisma:
Includes traits that successfully convey emotions that back up your message while displaying confidence, among other traits. Includes body language as well when delivered the message.

-How it is different than Charm:

"Charm involves making eye contact with individuals and flashing them a smile, getting people to talk about themselves, asking personal questions and making emphatic statements, whereas charismatic leaders don’t necessarily have to interact directly with the people they influence at all – they can do it from afar. So, while charmers are popular, charismatic people don’t have to be."

"You can be charismatic without being likeable" eg, Steve Jobs

Types of Charisma:
  • Star-power charisma: difficult to attain eg, Marylin Monroe
  • Kindness charisma: attainable eg, Dalai Lama
  • Focus charisma: attainable 
  • Authority charisma: attainable

How to gain it: 
Although at first glance it may seem that gaining charisma is magical. Most of it stems from the way we use words and how points are conveyed. 9 core verbal tactics:
  • metaphors, 
  • stories and anecdotes, 
  • contrasts,
  • lists,
  • rhetorical questions,
  • four mores traits
Margaret Thatcher was unbelievably charismatic because of her rhetoric and use of these tactics.
MBA students who analyzed recordings of themselves giving speeches, with these tactics in mind, ultimately gave new speeches that were rated as more charismatic. The message should be complemented by:

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