Oct 20, 2017

Crazy Sparring

                                                      Mike Tyson Crazy Sparring session

Oct 12, 2017

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone on display in British Museum

  • Decree by King Ptolemy (V) in three different scripts (top to bottom)
    • Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs
    • Ancient Egyptian Demotic script
    • Greek
  • This trilingual inscription was proved crucial in deciphering Egyptian hieroglyph (pioneered by the french)
  • Found in Rosetta (stands for 'Rashid'), Egypt in 1799 while it was being used as building material in Egypt
  • Essential clue to deciphering early Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Moved to British Museum after British defeat French

Oct 11, 2017

Sound of the day (Thor)


Oct 10, 2017

Hugh Hefner

               "Spending eternity next to Marilyn is too sweet to pass up."-Hugh Hefner

Oct 8, 2017

Majestic Place

Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

Oct 4, 2017