Apr 26, 2022

Friedrich Chopin




                                               Chopin - Nocturne #20 In C Sharp Minor, Bi 49



                                                                 Chopin - Waltz No.7

Jan 26, 2022

3 Iron - Kim Ki-duk


"I want to make such a film that nobody has made yet: something that has never been made before and that nobody else will be able to shoot." - Kim Ki-duk

Jan 4, 2022

Mars and Venus - Jacques-Louis David

“This is the last picture I want to paint, but I want to surpass myself in it. I will put the date of my seventy-five years in it and afterwards I will never again pick up the brush.” - David

Dec 16, 2021


“I've reached the end of this great history
And all the land will fill with talk of me

I shall not die, these seeds I've sown will save
My name and reputation from the grave,

And men of sense and wisdom will proclaim,
When I have gone, my praises and my fame.” 

- Ferdousi 

Nov 16, 2021

AR Rahman


Mann chandre nu raas na aave, Na aave darwaas!
Crazy heart neither gets satisfaction nor can afford!

Jigar da sauda kyon kar baitha, mukkadi jandi aas!
Why I fell in love, now even the hopes are dying!

Je lutt janda te lutt janda dil, hauke kha k chhup janda!
Once heart is gone, its gone! It hides after crying inside!

Beparwah da ki kehna, Na aave darwaas!
What to say about careless people, there is no relief!

Jigar da sauda kyon kar baitha, mukkadi jandi aas!
Why I fell in love, now even the hopes are dying!

Dard sataunda bedardan nu, bedardan da ki janda!
Pain hurts the heartless, they won't feel the pain!

Nov 3, 2021


  • Ramesses II
  • Joker
  • Ravan

  •  Mumm-Ra
  • Caligula

  • Dracula

  • Hannibal Lecter

  • Red Dragon

  • T-1000

  •  Agent Smith

  • HAL 9000
  • Kevin Spacey

    The Usual Suspects/Seven
  • Al Pacino

    Godfather/Scarface/Devil's Advocate
  • Vito Corleone

  • Al Capone

  • Pablo Escober

  • Megatron

  • Sauron

  • Predator

  •  Dipjol
     Personal favorite :)

This list excludes numerous supervillains from DC or Marvel comics with an exception of Joker who surpassed the boundary of the comic world in my opinion.

Free will

 If the future is set then why should we bother?

  • There is a difference between known the future (as commonly is thought be the case) - and there is only possibility of you reaching to that predetermined future. Determinism is saying our future is deterministically will reach to a predestined future.
  • Determinism vs Fatalism: Determinism is not Fatalism. Fatalism says whatever happens will happen. Fatalism is passively waiting for the outcome in the future.
    • Determinism means your action matters to determine your future.
    • Your decision making process is computation based on decades of inputs. Your action and volition -- power of using your own will -- is a result of all those inputs plus the input you are currently receiving. It is extraordinarily complicated algorithm which works on these complicated input for you. You are receiving this unique input. None has these inputs.
  • Partial Knowledge of Future: Ted Chiang argues that although we don't the exact future but we know part of it for sure. For example, we know we will die, we will suffer some losses, we will have some joys, etc. Animals or AIs don't have this future knowledge.

Friedrich Chopin

                                                                                                 Chopin - Nocturne #20 In C Sharp Minor, Bi ...