Jul 20, 2014

Islamic views

  • Fasting on journey
    • 1 for 1 should be performed if missed due to travelling. Otherwise 60 for 1.
    • Other valid reasons: sickness, risk of getting sick.
    • Can be done on any month. If one wants to do 6 fasts of shawal he has to finish the missed one before performing the fasts of the shawal.
  • Praying rules for traveller
    • 57.5 miles away from hometown. "A person is a traveler until he returns to his area or makes the intention of staying at the destination for more than fifteen days (combination of destinations that makes 15 is not accepted) and this applies when he has traveled for a distance of three days (equivalent of 57.5 miles). If he has not yet traveled for a distance of three days and decides to return, he is no longer a traveler even though he might be in a jungle"
    • Zuhr, Asr, and Isha should be prayed in 2 rakats. The rest should be performed as it is. It is wajib to do so.
    • No Qasar for sunnat namaz.
  • Smoking:
    • Until 15th century there was a some opinion about smoking being makruh (from the hadis that talks about onion and garlic odor). No it is agreed upon by the scholars that it is haram since it is harmful for health.
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