Oct 25, 2012

Robotics projects

Humans are sensitive to green than red, blues. We can sense the tiniest difference among the greens. Also sensitive to brightness than to tint.
Prisoner's dilemma:

Canny edge detector:
Hough transformation: motivation is slope and intercept is not useful for some lines, i.e., vertical line, which has infinite slope. So do it in another way.
alpha (the angle with respect to x), and intercept. Generate the histogram in alpha, intercept dimension by taking the sobel-operator-applied image, where high intensity means edge.
floodfill algorithm:
HDR image: multiple image taken at different length of time. More focused image have more bright, middle image has medium brightness, and the little focused image has minimum brightness. Take the minimum from the brightest, median from the middle, and maximum bright from the lowest.

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