May 13, 2011

What if their mother was there

12 years ago I encountered this event. I was successful by Almighty's grace. I had with me Abba and Amma to share the joy. To me the world's happiest moment is when you see your parents happy. It is even bigger when you make them happy. As I was just reading an article in "Prothom-Alo", I found this story of two sisters who were among the bests in the SSC examination(Examination marking the end 10th Grade) in Bangladesh. The poverty stricken sisters overcome the adversity with the best possible outcome(GPA 5 out of 5). The hoodlums have killed their mother, who protested the eve-teasing of the formers, with a motorcycle run over. They could not get justice. Now they have protested the social injustice with their academic success. Hearing the good news, they visited to the grave of their mother. In tearr they conveyed their joy to their departed soul silently. They said they will be happy if the punks are tried.

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